Wednesday, July 7, 2010


The above is what is known in comic book fandom as a free headshot. It is a very quickly sketchily drawn depiction of the fan's character of choice. Often scribbled onto a comic book backing board (tends to be my M.O.) or sketchbook (those fancy-pants fellas that "think ahead"), it is better than a simple signature because it allows the fan to further prod the comic book professional about upcoming projects, gossip about other artists and writers and just in general get a cool drawing of your favorite character!

Bill Willingham has been one of my favorite writer/artists since his days at Comico (the comic company) and his work on THE ELEMENTALS (a series that was ahead of it's time or maybe right on time), so the chance to meet him and hear him hold forum with fans of his FABLES work was a real treat.

While he drew this headshot of Thor, I told him how I always thought he'd be a great writer for the THOR series. It only now occurs to me that he wrote a version of Thor in his ELEMENTALS series all those years ago. Doh!

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